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How Do I Fix My Kindle That Won't Charge?

Posted by admin, 27 March 2020

Are you in need of some relevant solutions to fix the battery issues of your Kindle, as your device is not charging at all? Then great that you have reached this blog as here you will find all the accurate solutions to your query.

If in case you have other related issues with your Kindle then you need not go anywhere else as we have a well-skilled team of experts at Kindle repair center. And they are capable to resolve any issues that come up with a Kindle device.

Now you got to follow the steps carefully to be able to fix the not charging issues of your Kindle battery

  • You would have to plug in the device into a Kindle A/C adapter and not your computer.
  • Then you need to let your Kindle charge for a few hours and make sure the charging light is on.
  • There are times when a drained kindle stops charging for few seconds after plugging in. you just need to unplug and then re-plug it until the light stays continuously ON.
  • After the above steps usually the Kindle is resolved. But if not so and you still face the same issue, and then follow the next step.
  • You would have to unplug the USB cord and let the power slide to the right for 20 seconds.
  • Then release the power slide and press the Home Key for 30 to 45 seconds.
  • When the Kindle’s screen starts flashing then release the Home Key. This will enable the eReader to boot the recovery mode. If you want to continue then hold the R key until you see the screen flashing again.
  • Now after the device is finished with rebooting, you will then get to see the Critical Battery careen of your device. You then need to plug in the USB cord and wait for your Kindle to turn on the Home Screen.

You should get over with not charging issues as the steps are useful to help you do so. But if you encounter any problem then you must reach the technicians at the Kindle service center without any delay. Then you will surely have the best solutions provided.

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